Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is one of the ten landmark buildings in Wenzhou. It has a total construction area of 103,200 square meters, including an outdoor square area of 35,000 square meters, an indoor exhibition area of 41,000 square meters. Exhibition Hall 1 is 900 square meters. Exhibition Hall 2 is 6,300 square meters. Exhibition Hall 3 is 8,000 square meters. Exhibition Hall 4 is 3,800 square meters. Exhibition Hall 5 is 7,000 square meters, Exhibition Hall 6 is 7,200 square meters. Exhibition Hall 7 is 7,200 square meters and it is a permanent exhibition hall.

The state-owned enterprise Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation and management of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center and it is affiliated to Wenzhou Modern Servicing Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. The Center is currently the largest intelligent first-class exhibition center in Wenzhou featuring an integration of exhibition, conference, hotel, sports, entertainment and other multiple functions.

Over the years, Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center actively has been exploring suitable business operation ideas for the development of Wenzhou’s convention and exhibition industry. While doing a good job in undertaking the exhibition business, it has also set an exhibition branch company and an advertising branch company for delivering a full range of exhibition-related services such as the undertaking, self-run, cooperative joint-run of exhibitions, exhibition services, construction of advertising projects and other facilitating services.

The company has 1 office - Administrative Office; 4 departments - Marketing and Sales Department, Engineering and Technology Department, Financial Accounting Department and Security Department; 2 branches - the exhibition branch company and advertising branch company and it has over 100 existing employees.

Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center has three professional service teams, namely the exhibition-undertaking team, the self-hosting exhibition team and the advertising construction team, which satisfy professional needs of mutiple areas for organizing exhibition activities, doing reception, exhibition operation and management, advertisement design and construction, etc. Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center will do its best to provide professional and standardized services so as to welcome friends from all over the world to participate in its exhibitions as visitors or exhibitors.


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