Explosive selection, source direct |2021 Wenzhou e-commerce selection shoes and clothing exhibition can not be missed!

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The exposition will focus on "find hot style, the trend and extension channels" at the core of the concept, the main "dress choose live product area, footwear to choose product area, activity area" three major parts, source for high quality shoes clothing factory and products to expand sales channels, more for good products, good channel structures, accurate docking platform, the power of wenzhou shoe industry keep up with the trend of The Times; better digital transformation and upgrading.

The exhibition scale:7000M2

brands:More than 100

Professional audience:More than 4000

The exhibition time:November 26-28, 2021

The exhibition site:1 Jiangbin East Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou

Rooted in wenzhou shoes and clothing industry base advantages, industry associations together to force, force invited 100+ high-quality source factories, focusing on popular shoes and clothing selection, focusing on the display of wenzhou high-quality products.


Insight into the opportunities, will hold a number of brand promotion meetings, marketing master classes and other activities, directly hit the hot trend of the industry, help buyers and sellers seize the opportunity to ride the wind to the sea.


Gathering domestic leading e-commerce enterprises and platforms, MCN institutions, more than 500 talent synchronous with goods, covering the whole channel of online and offline sales, to achieve good goods in the whole domain marketing.


2021 Internet Celebrity style release event

2021 China Social Network Celebrity Marketing Exchange Meeting

2021Tik Tok live goods sharing meeting

2021Fashion show


Accurate on-site docking, industry channel maximization

More than 1000 Omni-channel matrix, bring good goods, find the right resources.


Highly matched online and offline buyers gather

Online and offline dealers accurately match, find new customers and maintain old customers.


The activities at the same time were wonderful

At the same time, TCE & Wenzhou clothing custom exhibition, fashion design exhibition and other heavy exhibition, multi-theme fashion exhibition detonated Wenzhou.


New channel Buyers:Electric business platform/Live electrical contractor/MCN institutions/Community, community group buying agencies/Wechat business live broadcasting platform and so on.

Traditional buyers:Business super department/The agent/dealers/Chain stores and so on.

Specially invite buyers:Association buyer/The listed company/Industrial clusters/Capital institutions and so on.


Exhibits range:Men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, fashion accessories, underwear, home clothing, all kinds of men and women finished shoes factories, enterprises, etc.

The exhibition is nearing its end and only a few seats remain.

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